The partners of Blueprints of the Future have successfully completed a range of writing assignments from short articles to major publications. We have extensive contacts within the scientific community and specialize in conveying science-based information in an accurate, clear and readable style. Listed below are some of the writing assignments undertaken over the past 10 years.

BIOTECH Magazine, The Business and Science of Biotechnology

Published by Blueprints of the Future, 1999 – 2003

Circulation:  10,000 across North America.  A full-colour magazine: winner of the Apex Award for magazine publishing excellence in 2000 and 2002.  Blueprints of the Future oversaw every aspect of this publication, from the earliest editorial planning to the final distribution across North America.  We authored articles for many of the issues.

North Carolina: Blueprints of the Future

In 2002, the North Carolina Center for Biotechnology engaged Blueprints of the Future to prepare a quality publication focusing on the burgeoning biotechnology industry in the State.  Blueprints took charge of every aspect of publication, including writing all the editorial content, design, printing, distribution and advertising sales.

Paper-and-web-based publication of conference and workshop proceedings, including: The International Symposium on Transportation for Persons with Disabilities (Monreal, 1998)

HUMMER COUNTRY EZINE:  Regular articles are prepared for this alpaca publication.


The Newsmongers:  How the Media Distort the Political News

Published by McClelland & Steward in 1986. Written by Mary Anne Mounce (then Comber) and Robert S. Mayne, this ground-breaking publication remains on university reading lists and is held in library collections up to the present.

Mary Anne has authored articles and chapters is numerous publications including:  Hardly a Transport of Delight (commentaries on the National Transportation Act, published by Dalhousie University); chapters in the final reports of both the Royal Commission on National Passenger Transportation and the Royal Commission on Transportation Safety.  She has also had several papers published in the Canadian Transportation Research Forumn.

In 2004, we became involved in the raising and breeding of alpacas (small members of the Camelid Family, resembling lamas).  Mary Anne provides articles to both the Alpaca Canada newsletter, The Canadian Orgler, as well as the Alpaca Ontario newsletter.

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