Blueprints of the Future has provided editing services to a wide variety of clients over many years.  Whenever possible, we maintain the style of the original text, feeling that this style is authentic and that the author’s familiarity with the subject matter of the piece has lead him or her to that style.  The clarity, grammar and punctuation are then improved as needed.  (This approach of preserving the style of the original text is, of course, not a rigid rule, as sometimes it is not possible or desirable or not in accordance with the requirements of the client.)

Blueprints of the Future provided the editorial services for BIOTECH Magazine throughout its 4-year history which included everything from developing the editorial plan, arranging for the preparation of articles, editing the articles submitted for publication, preparing the lay out for the magazine, overseeing the graphic design, reviewing the printer’s proofs, conducting print checks, overseeing the mail list updating and, finally the mail out of the magazine from a mail house.

In 2004, we became involved in the raising and breeding of alpacas (small members of the Camelid Family resembling lamas).  Mary Anne is the Editor of Alpaca Canada's quarterly newsletter "The Canadian Orgler". She also provides editing services on a volunteer basis to Alpaca Ontario's newsletter.

The Blueprints partners have a wide variety of editing experience:  everything from promotional brochures, academic articles, non-fiction books, newspaper and magazine articles and full novels.

We love an editing challenge!  Please contact us for more information about our experience and approach

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