Welcome to the alpaca part of our website. In 2004, we began to look into the joys and challenges of alpaca breeding.  Given our backgrounds, the first thing we thought of doing was to design a survey and to collect data.  We used a questionnaire to interview a sample of current alpaca breeders. Our findings were both useful and encouraging so we decided to acquire some of these wonderful animals.

Later in 2004, we purchased SCA Mariabella from Silver Cloud Alpacas, followed by SCA Damita in 2005.  Mariabella is fading fawn and Damita, bay black.  They are both exquisite!  In 2007, each gave birth to beautiful fawn females:  BOF Dalia and BOF Mia.

We now had THE FAB FOUR! Click on "Our Girls" for more information about them. In August, 2008, Damita gave us a beautiful white male, BOF Douro. Click on "Douro's Page" to find out more about him. The "Alpaca Blog" is about our adventures with the girls. In 2007 we added to our herd by acquiring a half ownership in a beautiful fine black stud - Riley. See "Riley's Stud Service" for more information about him. Mary Anne also designs and sells hand-made alpaca hats, scarves, muffs and other fine products. Click on our "Alpaca Products" page for more information.

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